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DoPro DB03-8      Technical data here – Installation video here – English manual here                      

The Dopro Doorbell  has a built in video camera, it takes photos and video of those who come within 10 meters of the door. On your mobile or tablet, you can communicate with your visitors, you can see what’s outside your door regardless where you are in the world.

The Dopro Doorbell is installed to your devices via smart app CloudEdge.
Installation is simple and quick, there is no need for technical assistance, you are quite capable of doing-it yourself, DIY applies

Doorbell’s battery charge holds for up to 8 months depending on use*
Charging the batteries is accomplished by using the charger that comes with the doorbell. The charger is meant for EU plugs only, so if you are in the UK or USA, you should use a standard Andorid charger (Samsung like) and then attach the USB cord that comes with the charger in the box, that way you are sure to have a good and solid charge for the batteries
The battery compartment is the lower part of the doorbell, it can be removed and is not needed if you are using the standard doorbell wiring

The Dopro doorbell unit is perfect for video and alarm surveillance, it is highly mobile as it does not need any wiring or other cords, only access to Wi-Fi,  Place it anywhere, on a shelf or by the back door and you can monitor what’s in front of the unit, covering 166 degrees wide angle

  • No monthly fees at all
  • Battery charge via Mini USB-stick, holds up to 8 months* on one charge.
  • Can also use doorbell wiring
  • Takes photos and video of anyone coming close to its front view
  • Sends alarms and live video to your mobile or tablet
  • 8 GB memory card installed
  • No third party involvement, the data is yours only
  • The doorbell can be installed on several mobile phones and tablets
  • Several units can be installed to same mobile or tablet
  • Temperature safe use, from -20° til +50°C
  • The doorbell can be used for monitoring anywhere as long as it has Wi-Fi available
  • No wiring needed
  • The doorbell is a DIY unit and takes only few minutes to install

Chimey for indoor use
(Extra purchase)
Manual in the box
Selection of 3 sounds

Save money and buy the to units together

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The doorbell unit should not be placed facing a road or other busy areas without fixed wiring, such as a doorbell power source, as the batteries may not hold for more than few days at a charge